Need To Find The Right Words?

My name is Dan Bennett. Scratching an itch to assemble words after a long career counting beans.

My object is to earn money by writing quality material for satisfied clients.

The posts here were pulled from my writing over the last couple of years. They are standalone pieces without an overt social or political point of view. Since I am an opinionated guy generally, they were hard to come by. I’ve also included a couple of songs and satirical poems I wrote for friends.

I hope they demonstrate my strengths as a writer: I can get the reader from here to there.  I can maintain a voice and a point of view. Maybe spring a smile from a reader when they need one.

Open to all legitimate writing challenges. Blog posts, e-books, speeches, manuals & tutorials. Company or family histories. Ghost writing.

Sometimes in life we are required to write difficult letters. I can help with that.

Need a custom poem or rhyme? I can help with that.

Especially open to helping folks whose first language is not English. Negotiating the rules and avoiding the pitfalls of our beautiful but quirky language can be tricky. I can help with that.

Join me as I remove the top item from my bucket list and plant it firmly as right livelihood.