Need To Find The Right Words?

Do you hate to write?

Does an obligation to put words together on a page send you into a fugue state?

Would you rather scarf down that iffy egg salad in the break room fridge than commit to a five hundred word memo?

Would you like some very discrete help with a writing project?

My name is Dan Bennett. I’m a writer. This blog is my portfolio.

After a career working with numbers, I have rekindled an early devotion to words, to the craft of writing. While they may seem worlds apart, what ties the two vocations together is an eye for detail. In writing, as in accounting, precision counts. The right word matters.

When it comes to careers, do you get a second chance, in your third age, with a first love?

Let’s find out together.

The posts here were culled from personal writing done over the last couple of years. They are standalone pieces without, I hope, an overt political point of view. Since I’m an opinionated guy generally, that was a challenge, especially in this election cycle.

Writing is a vocation. It may be elevated to art by gifted minds, (rare and not mine own), but in practical terms writing is a craft and a trade, like cabinet maker, or electrician. Call me if you need your words rewired.

By the way, these posts were not written with a commercial audience or application in mind. There are no press releases, marketing materials or procedure manuals. (I did pen some policy and procedural manuals in my life as an accountant) These are just examples of writing I did as a hobby, including excerpts from a longer piece I’m writing about Bob Dylan. Also included are a sampling of songs and satirical poems, just ‘cuz.

I believe they show my strengths as a writer: I can get the reader from here to there.

Maintain a voice and point of view. Keep eyes on the page.

My main weaknesses as an online writer is obvious by the text-only format your’re reading. I don’t have an instinct for the latest technology . This is the most rudimentary WordPress template available. I have no social media presence. No Reddit, no YouTube and I’m tweetless to boot.

But if you have the media, I can supply the words.

This is a niche writing service. You can get SEO content from other providers at a very attractive price point, but you give up having personal input.  Grammarly will keep you in usage compliance but doesn’t have an ear for the language.

Blog posts, e-books, speeches, scripts and tutorials, company or family histories. I can write them for you, or edit them with a critical eye.

In addition to contracted work under my name, I also offer a discreet review and rewrite of written material, reports, memos, emails, etc., for clients who wish to remain anonymous. Email the mess to me, I clean it up and email it back to you. Discretion assured.

Sometimes in life we are required to write difficult letters. I can help with that.

Need an occasional poem or song? I can help with that.

I am especially open to helping folks for whom English is a second language. Negotiating a narrative fraught with idioms and grammatical pitfalls can be tricky. I can help with that.

Join me as I remove the top item from my bucket list and plant it firmly as right livelihood.


Email :
Standard Fee for Service Contract. Whimsical Rates.


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